More Detailed Off-Air Notes From This Week’s SD Tapings

Report courtesy of Judy Stephenson and …

These were the best seats I ever had at the Toyota Centre. I was glad I bought early. The arena filled up nicely by the time Smackdown started taping.

Michael Cole’s heat is amazing; as I said, Josh Mathews coming out between the two of them must be bad for his self esteem. When Booker T got his massive reaction, he walked from one end of the stage to the other, waving and smiling, which announcers don’t usually do. He also slapped hands down the walkway, which you don’t usually see.

As Edge and Kane were in the first two segments, I was struck by something for both of them. The arena was darkened and videos were running as they both left separately. Both men walk like ninety year olds, and we aren’t talking about them leaving and “selling” as the lights were lowered and we were supposed to be watching the monitor. That was sad to see. However, Kane looks leaner in person than he does on television.

Not much to say on the Cole and John Cena segment, except that Cena was very over. There were a few guys taunting him, but they were well shouted down.

For Chris Shore and anyone else who covers Smackdown and hopes for a Divas resurgence, when a little kid next to me during the Layla-Kaitlyn match kept saying “What is this crap?” that does not bode well. I was struck as to why Michelle McCool with an injured foot wore one high heel and the boot on the other. I think that is why Layla helped her up the ramp; that and the fact that she kept tugging at her skirt while she was in the ring. Why didn’t she just wear some jeans or something she could have moved better in and not needed a high heel. She is lucky she didn’t break her other foot.

Rey Mysterio is over HUGE. Kids and adults love him.

Triple H and Taker got the biggest reaction of the night, no question. When Taker came out, a video of him through the years was running on the screen, which is what will be on TV. He stood there while a camera man was in his face, arranging a shot. I don’t know if on TV you will be able to see the mic that was in his hands. I don’t know why he didn’t speak. As Triple H left, he turned at the top of the stage and waved to the crowd again, smiling. I guess the roar of the crowd gets addictive, for him, Booker, etc.

I don’t know if it is the layout of the Toyota Centre or if it is normal, but when Alberto Del Rio came out in the expensive sports car, he barely drove ten feet. It is kind of like, what’s the point?

I had my sister name the reactions – Biggest pop, unquestionably two ties, (1) Taker – H3 (2) Cena – Mysterio. Heat went to Michael Cole and second to Del Rio. They need to work on the biggest heat being on an announcer.

When we were leaving, traffic was stopped by the cops to let out a big tour bus from the Jackson-Polk exit, which is where people congregate trying to see the performers leave. I wondered to whom it belonged. When I went in 2009, I was at the light at Polk and Jackson (Toyota Centre takes up four blocks, basically, with the garage, the arena itself, etc.) and Dave Batista was in the car at the light next to me. Even though he was a ‘heel’ at that time, people were crawling on his car and he gave a few autographs until the cops came and made the crowd get out of the street. Leaving the parking garage to get back to the interstate you basically have to that way.

Overall, it was a fun night. Thanks for reading.