More Details On Backstage Fight At Extreme Rising; Machete Pulled

As previously reported, there was an incident involving New Jack and Balls Mahoney at Saturday’s Extreme Rising show in Philadelphia.

None of this was unexpected as New Jack apparently threatened Mahoney and buried him for a while on interviews. Mahoney called New Jack the N word in a tape that was released within the last week and the word got back to New Jack.

New Jack drilled Mahoney with a punch and landed about 15 other punches, according to the report the Wrestling Observer received. Mahoney never retaliated and wasn’t seriously injured although his face did lump up and never went down.

Security at the show didn’t break up the fight at first. New Jack then pulled to what is described as a machete and that was when security stepped in and stopped him. Security were shadowing New Jack as there was also heat with him and Homicide and people were getting concerned about things getting out of hand. Nothing happened in the end between New Jack and Homicide.

It’s expected that the company will try and turn both incidents into a work. Mahoney’s face was noticeably bruised and swollen while wrestling in his match later that night.