More Details On CM Punk Ranting On A Fan At Monday’s WWE Raw

Regarding CM Punk verbally destroying the fan in the front row on Raw this past Monday, as previously reported, the rant was not part of what was planned for the segment.

Apparently the incident happened because the fan was harassing Punk during his segment, but nothing over the top. According to reports, Punk was in a “grumpy mood” at the taping, so he took it out on the fan in a way that added to the segment.

While WWE doesn’t want their babyfaces to insult fans, there was no fallout or anything of that sort. Many believe it actually helped the segment as it popped the crowd since both Punk and Paul Heyman used it to enhance their promo.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • saulewright

    One of the most entertaining moments in a long time and DEF the best moment of a shabby show

  • alotofvagina

    I cant stand how disrespectful some of the fans are im glad he said what he said it was aweeeeesomeeeeee

  • Geoff

    How is this newsworthy? Of course it wasn’t planned, of course Punk was grumpy, of course there would be no fallouts, and of course Punk did it to pop the crowd.

    • Negatist

      Shut the fuck up