More Details On Mistico Signing With WWE

Super Luchas reported today as the cover story in their latest issue that Mistico flew to the United States last Tuesday and signed a contract with the WWE. Mistico returned from Japan the day before and flew straight into the United States the next day to finalize the deal that EMLL knew nothing about which has contradicted Mistico’s agreement with EMLL on telling them if he had any contact with WWE. Mistico has been very disgruntled over the last year about his situation inside EMLL as they have decided to push La Sombra up to his level and he was very vocal in saying that Sombra wasn’t ready yet. Mistico also had issues with other guys getting big pushes and had talked to AAA last year about possibly jumping before deciding against it at the last minute. Mistico hasn’t worked at Arena Mexico since January 18th where they seemingly shot a new angle with Mistico having beef with Brazo de Plata after an injury angle the match before where he was destroyed by Averno & Mephisto but made it for his match only to help his team lose the match. Mistico then went on the New Japan/EMLL tour that EMLL didn’t push him as even being on the shows which was a telling sign regarding their relationship and it was around that time they announced the talent being on the show that Mistico likely told them that he was leaving the promotion. Mistico has had a couple of chances over the last 4 years to sign with WWE but it never matriculated which Mistico now says he should’ve signed back in 2007 when he had the chance so he finally decided to pull the trigger after he impressed them working a tryout match in California which was without EMLL’s permission. EMLL most likely owns the Mistico gimmick so he won’t be using it in WWE and I wouldn’t have expected them to use it anyway as they like to create their own personas so the question now is does EMLL give it to someone else or do they shelve it completely. The next few months in both EMLL and in Mistico’s professional life should be really interesting now as Mistico presumably will go to Florida Championship Wrestling and EMLL will now put their full confidence in La Sombra and now Mascara Dorada to fill the void.