More Details On The News Of Batista’s Daughter’s Sex Tape

It appears that Batista is not pleased about news of his daughter’s sex tape being leaked on the internet. The following messages were posted on the Twitter account of his daughter Athena:

@_mr_mills wtf?! My phones blowin up too. All I know is I woke up to some angry ass texts from my dad’s manager! How’s cali, babe?
about 7 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to _mr_mills

@_mr_mills WTF? do you remember even filming this clip? is that even us? come back from cali already!
about 5 hours ago via web in reply to _mr_mills

contact my publicist at 407-552-1557
about 4 hours ago via web

I’m still not aware of all the details of whats going on. I will not be responding so for any inquiries, you can contact 407-552-1557
about 5 hours ago via web

Her boyfriend posted these messages in response:

@athenabautista Cali is always what we expect it to be. ;p Ill deal with this accordingly no worries- Keep mouth sealed Ill handle it.
about 7 hours ago via web in reply to athenabautista

@athenabautista shits hitting the fan- wtf is going on? My phone wont stop ringing about this shit. ughhh… fml
about 7 hours ago via web

@athenabautista well some funny shits going down. Rather humerous… lmao-
about 9 hours ago via web