More On Bella Twins Talking Backstage Reaction To WWE Departure

As previously reported, in a new interview with DivaDirtTV, the Bella Twins shed some light on the backstage reaction to leaving their departure from the WWE.

“Everyone’s in shock and no one actually believed it. Even until our last day, everyone was like, ‘OK, you’re re-signing.’ Especially because I was divas champion,” Nikki said. “So, people were literally in shock when it happened and people thought we were joking. ‘No, you’re not. You guys are staying.'”

The Bellas then explained that the hardest part was breaking the news to their fans online.

“And it’s funny, because I think for Nikki and I, the hardest thing was our Bella army. That was one of the big things that played into our decision,” Brie explained. “One of the reasons we almost stayed was because of how strong the Bella army is. We didn’t want to disappoint them.

“We always listen to the Bella army,” Brie continued. “All the Tweets, all the blogs and comments. Everything they make about Nikki and I, we’re always listening. It was a huge thing for us to have to break the news. It was hard! It’s like they’re all our kids and we didn’t want to disappoint our kids. (Laughs)”