More On JBL Teasing WWE Return, Michael Cole On JBL, Dawn Marie Speaks, Jericho & More

– When JBL teased on his Twitter that he would return to commentating on SmackDown, a fan said that it needed to happen, JBL replied, “you never know. Just having fun on Twitter, but if job was offered to me-would be very tempting…. Smackdown job would be great, but hasn’t been offered so no plans as of now.”

– Michael Cole responded to JBL’s message regarding him coming back to Smackdown, writing on his Twitter, “I am sure they have a spot for you at nxt and fcw. Enjoy learning the ropes again”

– Chris Jericho stated on his Twitter that the Rock was his favorite wrestler to go back and forth with on the mic when he was asked to choose between Rock, Edge, Kurt Angle, Steve Austin and Triple H.

– With The Big Show heading overseas with the SmackDown crew next week, John Cena vs. Tensai will headline next weekend’s WWE live events in Mississippi and Arkansas.

– Val Venis is featured in the “Superstar Spotlight” on the home page of

– Dawn Marie Psaltis Damatta posted the following video answering questions and addressing accusations directed at her and Wrestler’s Rescue.