More On Kevin Nash At 1000th RAW, Updated WM28 Buyrate, More

– As previously reported, Kevin Nash posted a message on Twitter in regard to his status for the 1,000th RAW. “So f*cked Raw’s 1000th episode falls on my family vacation. Every year we spend july in the islands. Family comes 1st after 20+ years,” Nash said. Keep in mind that Nash often uses Twitter to work angles and throw people off track. He previously stated that he would be the replacement WWE General Manager and also said that social media is his ‘PS3.’

– The updated estimated for WWE WrestleMania 28’s PPV buyrate is 1,144,000 buys. This is from 670,000 domestic buys and 474,000 international buys. Falling short from setting a record at 1.3 million buys, which WWE originally reported the number was. The current record was set with WrestleMania 23 on April 1, 2007 with 1,250,000 buys worldwide. As numbers currently stand, WrestleMania 28 would be the second most purchased event for WWE.

– Here are WWE’s May 2012 business figures:

* The WrestleMania 28 DVD shipped 175,000 copies, up from 160,000 copies in May 2011.
* 403,000 WWE DVD copies were shopped, up 49% from last year.
* drew 12.5 million unique visitors, down 9% from last year.
* did an average of 645 orders per day, down 23% from last year.
* Average house show attendance in North America was down 3% from last year.

(Source: Wrestling Observer)