More On Michael “PS” Hayes’ WWE Status, New Details On Road Dogg’s Backstage Role With WWE

Brian “Road Dogg” James has been gaining more influence within WWE as of late. Part of the reason why is because Michael “PS” Hayes was sent home several weeks back.

We noted at first that Hayes was given time off to deal with personal issues. Last night, word came out that Hayes may have been suspended indefinitely for offering alcoholic beverages to Rosa Mendes just days after she returned to work after a stint in rehab.

Hayes had been working with Triple H on booking live events, among other things. James is now filling in on that position and it was described as James being on the rise because Hayes gave him an opening. Besides doing TV events and live events, James is also working in the WWE offices quite a bit. Most of the wrestlers are happy with James’ presence in creative meetings since he’s been around the business so much longer than most of the decision makers, plus he talks the language of the wrestlers.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • saulewright

    so he’s to blame for the product being terrible lately or is it really REALLY good and all of us are crazy? The numbers side with the show being terrible…

  • TrainWreck

    Wwe ppvs have been dreadful since summerslam. Wwe do not want to push Daniel Bryan but have no choice because cena was out. Now they bring cena back to save wwe???? They push big show to maintain that archaic view that big is better!!!! I’m sorry but the only reason wwe is still the top show is because hogan fucked tna!!! Up the ass! Vinces theme is so fitting for Hhhs run as COO.
    The death of wrestling has finally begun! U heard it here first!

    • HipsterDemographic

      Quoteh the FreightTrain… nevermore.

  • HipsterDemographic

    More than likely the reason why WWE’s product is so lame is not because of Road Dogg. Have we all forgotten that sometimes angles are planned far in advance?