More On Triple H Accompanying Floyd Mayweather; CM Punk-UFC

There has been a lot of talk regarding Triple H accompanying and holding up one of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s title belts Saturday night in Las Vegas. One reason being the fact that he appeared to be fine not even a week after his “broken arm” from Brock Lesnar last Monday on Raw. As previously noted, Hunter was wearing a brace to sell the injury. This is not the first time a wrestler has had to sell an injury in public as they are prepared for fans to stop them at the airport and hotels. The WWE website reported Triple H had both a brace and a “small sling” on which has been described to as a lack of communication with the website team, reports F4WOnline.

A lot of talk on Vince McMahon not wanting CM Punk going out with Chael Sonnen on January 28 in Chicago has also been going round. Punk was pretty much told not to attend the show although he still did as a UFC fan and was welcomed well. McMahon was not keen on the idea of one of his stars attending an event and not portrayed as a star in case UFC ignored him on TV.