More On WWE’s New TV Show, Batista Announcement, HBK-Ziggler

– While sources reported that WWE’s new Main Event TV show will be a step up from Superstars with top talents and storylines, Bryan Alvarez reports that Main Event will essentially be WWE Superstars with a new name. WWE will likely tape Main Event and Superstars before RAW and SmackDown when Main Event begins in October.

– Batista and his manager John Ryan Jr. continue to tease an announcement. Ryan wrote last night:

“For all you @DaveBautista who have been waiting for the announcement you are going to be VERY happy with us,Haters are gonna kill themselves”

– Shawn Michaels did a Q&A with fans on Twitter last night during the season two premiere of his MacMillan River Adventures show. Michaels managed to get #MRA trending worldwide and noted that it was the first Outdoor Channel show to trend worldwide. Shawn revealed that Steve Austin’s episode will air this year while the episode with Jim Ross won’t air until next year.

Shawn was asked who he feels has potential to be a big Superstar in WWE. He says he watches little WWE these days but has always liked Dolph Ziggler. Shawn also called CM Punk a nice guy and said Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam “should be good.”

(Source: F4WOnline)