Morrison To Be Sidelined For Several Months, Carlito Criticizes WWE

— Carlito criticized WWE’s decision to have Christian quickly drop the World Heavyweight Championship.

“I was going to send my congrats to Christian, then I found out they had him drop the title after a couple of days,” he wrote on Twitter. “Christian has been busting his a$$ for years and thats the thanks he gets? In the biz u can bust yo a$$ but if ur on that list of people that the company dont believe in, ur f#d! Thats why I wasnt happy and wanted to leave for years. I felt that I was on that list of guys they didnt believe in.”

“I aint mad though. It’s not my company and they have every right to run the company how ever they want.”

— John Morrison is expected to be sidelined for several months after undergoing surgery on his injured neck today, reports

WWE orchestrated an angle last Monday on Raw where R-Truth ambushed John Morrison just prior to their scheduled match. He attacked Morrison again, leaving him immobile on the entrance ramp. The angle was set up in case Morrison needed surgery or time off. He was pulled from this weekend’s tour so the severity of his injuries could be examined.

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