Most Of TNA’s Six-Sided Rings Converted, TNA Gives Up Chunk Of Office Space In Nashville

– As noted earlier, TNA asked fans if they prefer a four-sided or six-sided ring on Facebook this weekend. For what it’s worth, most of TNA’s six-sided rings have been converted to four-sided rings.

– TNA recently gave up about 25% of the space they were renting for their corporate offices in Nashville. Most of the space they gave up had been housing merchandise, which is now being stored in a separate warehouse.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Aaron Brock

    TNA WAS SO MUCH BETTER WITH THE 6 SIDES. It seems it went down hill when they went conventional.

    • Jerihoar

      Not really it was just a silly gimmick. Went down hill with crappy talent and writing not the ring.

    • jon cena

      tna has sucked ass one they started bringing in washed up fired WWE stars

    • Mark Charlie-Sheen Coburn

      TNA did their best ever rating once they got rid of that idiotic 6 sided ring. If they has started with a proper ring they almost certainly would have attracted more fans….not enough to save them, but still more. The 6 sided ring was a badly thought out ploy to try and attract MMA fans, which not only did it fail to do, it also confused some wrestling fans as to what TNA was meant to be.

      What did give TNA a chance at the start was just putting on weekly PPVs and being able to bring anybody they liked in for a show without having them on contract. After that finished they never put on a semi decent PPV again….and that was in 2004. The dim witted decision to pull out of the NWA didn’t help either as all that achieved was removing any minor credibility that they had.

      • jmull

        Let’s not forget, it was Hogan/Bischoff that changed it from 6 to 4 sides when they came in early 2010. They got the rating.

  • jmull

    TNA is done. Not taking their show on the road when they actually had star/drawing power was their biggest mistake IMO. They’ve had some great talent and excellent storylines, but as long as it is being produced in a tv studio that can produce as much “bight fight feel” as my garage, nodoby is ever going to take it seriously.

    • nbdynprtcular

      2002 called, they want their predictions of TNA’s death back.

      • jmull

        Bullshit. Everyone who can get a job elsewhere is leaving, and everyone else is being cut. They can’t afford to be on the road, and their ratings are only going down. They peaked and are declining. That’s not 2002 bro. BTW, nobody likes an asshole.

        • Guest

          “Can’t afford to be on the road.”

          • jmull

            Right, so they go an a “world tour” of just a few dates — most of which are gonna draw a few hundred fans. Do you think they’re taping in NY three days in a row because they have three sold out shows? Hell no, it’s because they cannot afford to be in a different city each night. It does not matter anyway, nobody is going — so it makes no difference what size venue they play because, like I said earlier, they’ve missed their window. If you can’t see their decline to obscurity, you just don’t want to see it.