Mother Of DH Smith Says WWE Did Not Want Him To Succeed

Diana Hart Smith, the outspoken mother of Harry Smith (a/k/a David Hart Smith), continues to criticize WWE brass following his recent departure from the organization. She attribute his lack of success to company heads having it in for her son.

“I don’t think WWE wanted to see DH/Harry succeed there. Maybe (Davey Boy Smith) had ribbed an existing agent who took it out on Harry,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Not sure of the WWE Creative’s logic, but they didn’t want fans to see how exceptional Harry is.”

The third generation wrestler echoed similar sentiments during a recent interview with Live Audio Wrestling.

“The big complaint that I had with WWE was just that they never gave me a fair chance, ever. We had a good deal with the tag team title run and everything, but guys like Drew McIntyre and Sheamus, they’re obviously very good talents and big guys and everything, but if they had given me the rocket like they had given those two guys, I’m sure that with my family’s lineage and going over to Canada and the UK, they could have done some really good business. For whatever reason, they didn’t,” Harry said.

“I’m not gonna point any fingers at anybody, but I think that there’s people up there that probably didn’t like my family, or maybe my Dad ribbed too many of the guys that are up top now. That’s basically the way that it happened, and I’m glad to be gone really. I don’t want to be wasting my time at a place that doesn’t appreciate me, or doesn’t want to do anything with me.”

Harry is now training mixed martial arts full-time in Tampa, Florida and looking to make his debut next year. He spars extensively with Josh Barnett, a former UFC Heavyweight Championship. Diana feels they are an unstoppable force.

She tweeted, “I think Harry and Josh training would be comparable to the power of a tsunami and genius of rocket scientists, who don’t know ‘tap out’ definition.”

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