Mr. Anderson Responds To People Who Say Pro Wrestling Is Fake

TNA star Mr. Anderson recently spoke with the CBS affiliate in Washington, DC and talked about people saying pro wrestling is fake:

“When people found out it wasn’t a legitimate sport, it sort of gained that infamy or notoriety.”

“It’s interesting when people say that it’s fake, yet they’ll go to the movies and watch the X-Men and watch people fly through the air. People get shot with bullets and the bullets bounce off of them. People turn into liquid metal and stuff like that. And they look at that stuff and say that’s cool and that’s entertaining. But when they watch what we do — we’re not trying to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes.”

  • Dan Ralph

    Gotta love Anderson. Telling it like it is!

  • Kris Lermond

    Come back to WWE Anderson. You’re being wasted in TNA

  • theripperdannyb

    Legendary words there! Good on him!