MVP Still Planning To Wrestle At Slammiversary On Sunday, TNA Working On Back-Up Plan

As reported, TNA star MVP is the latest guest on Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast.

Despite dealing with a knee injury, MVP says he plans on doing whatever he can to wrestle World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young in the main event of Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view.

MVP did not go in for a MRI as previously expected because doctors determined that surgery could wait until after he tested the injury out in the ring. He’s started to put weight back on the knee this week and is hoping it will be good to go for Slammiversary.

MVP confirmed that TNA officials are working on a back-up plan if he’s unable to compete.

  • KicksmarkMyHeart

    This is good news. Dozens of people will be sitting on the edge of their seat for this one.

  • mac888

    Gonna be a quick match with lots of interference for sure, but then again that would probably happen if he weren’t injured. Can anyone imagine if there were no torrent or streaming sites and we actually had to pay to watch TNA? Does anyone actually order their PPVs?

    • Joey Slater

      I feel bad for anyone who actually pays for TNA PPVS, considering they’re on free tv over here in the UK

      • mac888

        Ah I was wondering why they’re so popular across the pond. Uk Impact episodes are great because of the drunken crowd lol they should just relocate and they might be better off

  • matthewgarriet

    This is a copy of the Authority/Bryan feud TNA needs to be original