Nancy Benoit’s Sister Reveals Chris’ Chilling Google Search Before Committing Murder-Suicide

Sandra Toffoloni is the sister of the late Nancy Benoit, and she appeared on the latest edition of Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast. On the subject of the horrific events inside the Benoit family home in June of 2007, Toffolini says she first started noticing changes in Chris as early as the Spring of 2004.

Toffoloni says she feels the pressure got to Benoit after winning the World Title at WrestleMania XX, and he became increasingly paranoid as he became more famous.

She previously said her sister was “brutalized” as a direct result of Chris’ “roid rage,” but she also doesn’t discount concussions playing a role in his mental state in the time leading up to the double-murder suicide. Toffoloni also feels that Benoit losing a series of close friends and neighbors in the years before the incident took a toll on him. Toffoloni and Jericho talk about how close Benoit was with Eddie Guerrero, Ray Traylor, and especially Johnny Grunge.

Sandra revealed several details that hadn’t be mentioned by the press before. She noted that prior to the murders Chris had done a Google search on the easiest way to break someone’s neck, and that Nancy had gotten a restraining order against him at one point. She says media reports that Daniel had Fragile X syndrome were false and he was healthy. On the subject of Benoit reportedly having the brain of an 80 year old alzheimers patient, she says he functioned fine in the sense that he could navigate roads and airports.

She clarified that Chris killed Nancy on a Friday, Daniel the following morning on Saturday, and then himself on Sunday night by rigging the pulldown machine in his gym to take his own life. She says Chris and Nancy were planning for his retirement after wrestling, and were going to open a Benoit Wrestling Academy in Atlanta.

You can listen to the entire podcast below.

  • Jacob June

    I never knew Benoit was so close to Johnny Grunge and Ray Traylor.

  • Sam Savage

    The most important thing from her is she doesn’t think CTE is to blame for why Chris did what he did. Jericho thinks otherwise.

  • RReigns16 #F*ckRomanReigns!!



    How many 80 year olds bash and murder their missus and or a child? Sick of IWC wheeling this excuse out as a crutch for them to continue saying what an amazing person he was

    • Wild Bill

      to bad unlike you he inspired people including Daniel Bryan to wrestle .
      same as people will always look past hogans actions

      but for me its things like Kevin Sullivan Returning on the 9th anniversary of Benoits Death That Tells me He Wants To Be Linked To These Murders .

      • ATLANTIS

        So the fact he murdered a woman and child is ok because Daniel Bryan wad partially inspired by him and murdering two people is the same as saying nigger?

  • Leon Nick Perkins

    No excuse for him doing all that. I mean cmon. He was looking up the easiest way to break a neck, then to actually do it to her, then to kill a innocent child was just evil. Honestly tho, he had such anger and aggressiveness to where part of me wasnt shocked. He had 2 bodies laying around the house and was making calls to chavo and was trying to book a flight, thats just strange. He mustve lost it, then when he finally calmed down and realized what he done, he couldn’t live with himself so he committed suicide. I hate that all happened, skills wise he was one of the best wrestlers in the world. Was quick, strong, could mat wrestle ,and could high fly, mic skills were so so.

  • Alana

    I want his sister to know she isn’t alone! My brother killed himself and son. He wouldn’t even spank his son! Your worst nightmare cant come close.Your brother went crazy,mine did. I don’t know why but what I have a message. The worst thing you can go through is not having GOD. He wants to be there! God bless your family and don’t let this tragedy define him. He didn’t know, he was very sick. Bless your family.