Nancy Grace Upsets Wrestling Fans Over Owen Hart & Warrior Comments, Wrestlers Respond

Nancy Grace interviewed Diamond Dallas Page last night about the death of The Ultimate Warrior and caused some controversy with her comments. Grace talked about wrestlers dying from steroids and drug abuse and mentioned there were rumors of drug abuse surrounding Warrior’s death, which is not true.

Grace also implied that Owen Hart died from steroid or drug abuse, which we all know is not true at all. Owen’s older brother Smith Hart issued a statement on Facebook:

“I think our beloved sister-in-law Martha as well as my entire family should be tremendously offended by the implication of Nancy Grace that my brother Owens demise had anything to do with drugs or steroids. For her to attempt to capitalize on Warrior’s death while his family grieves for personal choices he may have made more than 20 years ago is a sad to day for what passes as journalism today. Breaking news; Many rock stars snorted cocaine in the 80’s. Perhaps we should shut down the entire music industry. We should not buy into any of their such ridiculous libelous statements. We will hear official details from the coroner this weekend and not from some gossip journalist.”

The Iron Sheik also commented:

“Nancy Grace YOU FAT DUMB BITCH I beat the fuck out of you talk bad about my wrestling brother. GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU DEAD DOG WHORE”

Zeb Colter also tweeted about Nancy:

“If anybody receives an email entitled NANCY GRACE NUDE, do not open it. It’s not a virus. It really is Nancy Grace nude. @NancyGraceHLN @WWE”

“#boycottnancy @NancyGraceHLN RETWEETS REQUESTED. Wrong fan base to piss off Nancy.”

  • Bryan Thomas

    Iron Sheik’s comment is as intelligible as most of the wwe fans lol

    • Necro

      Just like the guy who I’m responding to ;)

      • Bryan Thomas

        i can’t dodge you for shit. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to get noticed? When i post something, i post it just to get my opinion out. I never post for other people to comment my comments. You guys take it upon yourselve to scroll through the comments and say “ok where is that motherfucker? There he is.” Just go away. If you don’t agree with it just give it a thumbs down.

  • CMP

    Nancy Grace should have Paul Heyman on her show. I feel like Heyman could just completely degrade and rip apart her misinformed “information” and do it in a classy way.

  • xnyer

    NG is just a loud mouth blowhard……..

  • Kevin Cline

    Also As Nancy Grace is in fact a Lawyer as well as a talking head, she should also be aware that making these sort of injurious statements about someone, even though they are dead, without anything resembling proof, could be considered defamation of character or slander.

    People aren’t seemingly as “Angry” about the insinuation that Ultimate Warrior might have been on steroids hen he was active (I firmly believe he may have been, but was currently clean), the anger seems to stem more from the fact that she implied that EVERY wrestler or anyone even tangentially related to the Wrestling industry that has died, was due to steroids.

    She mentioned Owen Hart, Joey Marella, Brian Hildebrandt, and others….folks whose deaths were accidents but NOT Steroid or even drug related in some cases.

    The fact of the matter is, it seems like she or her “Researcher” just googled “Dead Wrestlers” without a cursory double-check.

    However, any attempts to reach HLN or CNN to ask when she’ll issue a retraction or an apology for these lies leads nowhere, and those that want some measure of vengeance for the classless act of attempting to capitalize on a death for personal gain have descended on the biggest target.