Nash Goes Wild On Twitter: “F**k Going Back To TNA”

“Big Sexy” is back at it again. The, in this reporter’s eyes, icon, went on another Twitter rampage against TNA. Here’s his latest work, all of which were posted today on his official Twitter page.

“Fuck going back to tna. Let me drop acid and walk around a mall for a half hour. Now Spike, that’s ratings!”

“tna calls sting the icon, yet he’s never worked for the WWE. wtf is with that? how come I’m not an icon in tna’s eyes? How bout ‘prick’ Nash”

“Fuck icon! Prick is where I want to be. It takes a man to be a prick. If you’re a prick, you can’t fear death.”

“Wasn’t begging to be called an icon. Just wish tna appreciated me more for who I am and what I’ve done. Nash fans U make my life. Thanks!”

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