Nash Speaks On WM27 Weekend, Leaving TNA For WWE & More

WWE legend Kevin Nash spoke to Atlanta’s Creative Loafing blog to promote the VIP he’s throwing in Atlanta this Friday night as part of WrestleMania weekend. To read the full interview and get more details on Nash’s party – visit Here are some highlights of what Nash said about:

His Current Role in WWE: “For me, right now at almost 52 years old, I really don’t want to be bouncing around too much. I’m blessed that I can get around as well as I can after being beat up for so many years. But I’d still like to do anything I can do to help the young guys and help the federation move forward. So we’re going to sit down over ‘Mania weekend and the weeks after that, look at some options, and see what works for them and what works for myself and move forward.”

Whether He’ll Be A Part Of WrestleMania Weekend: “I haven’t been told anything, but like any good pro wrestler, I’ll definitely pack my gear because you never know when somebody’s going to go down and they need a body. So I’ll make sure I have my gear on me in case I am needed. But I will be signing at the fan Axxess for them under my Legends contract. It’ll be nice to get back down there, and WrestleMania’s always special. It’s the Super Bowl of wrestling, and it’s nice to be part of the whole weekend. And to do our own little thing to kick it off is something that’s special to me because I’ve never tried to do anything like this before and it’s gotten a good response.

Atlanta’s a sweet town. Great food, great nightlife, good people, so it will be good to spend a couple of days in Atlanta going to my old gyms and hanging out in my old stomping grounds.”

His Decision To Leave TNA and Re-Join WWE: “I was with TNA for the better part of four or five years. I’d walk through the airport and people’d come up and ask for my autograph and ask if I was ever going to wrestle again. I’d be like, “I have been for the past five years.” There’s that much drop-off between WWE and TNA. Then coming back at the Rumble and running out in front of 20,000 people — well, walking out in my case — it was special. The reaction was nice and it’s nice to be back. To me, it was the right move. Everything goes full circle and I became a money player with WWE, and I’d like to finish my career with them.”