Natalya Tells Her Fans To Not Worry; Does She Watch TNA?

For the second consecutive week on SmackDown, WWE suggested that Natalya Neidhart had farted during a backstage segment. As Natalya and Beth Phoenix were warming up for their match against Aksana and Tamina, sound effects simulating farting were heard. Santino Marella then walked into the area and displayed an alarmed reaction to the foul scent.

The angle has drawn the ire of many of the third generation wrestler’s fans on Twitter, who feel it’s doing her no favors. Natalya, however, thinks they should lighten up.

“I love to respond to all of you and answer your q’s but some of your comments are Debbie Downer-esque! Settle the tea kettles would ya?!” she wrote.

“What I’m trying to say to some of you is that life is too short to be so negative! So chin up, go for a jog or save a puppy! :)

“To everyone who is positive- I’ve got nothing but love for you… Like Tupac said! And thank you from the bottom of my heart. Goodnight!”

She then specifically responded to a message saying a lot of people are worried about the passing gas segments. She responded, “No one needs to worry about me:) except for the people at Louis Vuitton!”

Meanwhile, Neidhart responded to a question asking whether she watches TNA Wrestling. She said, “I watch all wrestling! What do you expect from a Hart?!”

*VIDEO* Natalya’s latest accident