CM Punk Photographed With A Beer Surfaces Online (Photo), Gets Social Media Speculating

CM Punk

The following photo was sent to us by a Redditor and features CM Punk with who appears to be his childhood friend/’sister,’ Chaleen, taken a few weeks back. Its made social media speculate that Punk is holding the Bud Light pictured but it appears Chaleen is holding the beer and Punk is taking the photo:

Photos Of CM Punk and AJ Lee Hanging Out

  • James Humwood

    Lol this article scared me I thought punk was the one drinking u silly gooses scared me :p

  • Bryan Thomas

    Wow. Almost had me for a second. This is unnecessary

  • Mordecai

    hard to tell.

  • jordon

    This was a couple of months ago, if Punk all of the sudden started drinking it would’ve gotten out by now

  • bengalsmarvel

    If he wants to change his mind and drink then let him i don’t see the big deal maybe he doesn’t want to be straight edge even though it looks like she has the beer and not him. This is a desperate attempt at a story

  • Ruandy Torres

    Working for WWE and HHH would bring any man even CM Punk to drink

  • Marissa Patterson

    The minute I saw this I thought it was just a staged photo to freak people out. If that’s the case, it’s working.