New Details Regarding The Launch of All Elite Wrestling

Regarding the new All Elite Wrestling promotion, Dave Meltzer of noted that Chris Jericho is “on the radar” but hasn’t signed a contract yet. At this time, it appears that Cody Rhodes is the only name confirmed to be under contract but more should be revealed soon. Here is what Meltzer noted about the situation:

“[AEW] may announce some guys [for contracts]. You know I don’t know who’s going to be announced and who’s not as far as contracts goes. Like I said, The Young Bucks are not signed at this minute, Cody is as far as everybody else… the guys who you’re thinking are all in talks. What happens remains to be seen.”

There is no television deal yet but there have reportedly been offers and executives were impressed with the All In event.

AEW also announced a rally for January 8th in Jacksonville, FL. It’s interesting to note that WWE Smackdown Live is taking place on the same day down the street.