New Documentary Featuring Hulk Hogan (Video), Upcoming Mick Foley Signing

– Thanks to reader Adam Gacka for sending this in: I am the director of an inspirational documentary about a Hulk Hogan super-fan that turned his life around by adhering to the principals of Hulkamania (training, saying your prayers, and taking your vitamins). His journey ultimately ended with him becoming best friends with the Hulkster himself.

The film was finished in 2011 and debuted at the Chicago International Film Festival but since I was a first time filmmaker, there were a lot of costs that I didn’t anticipate. These have prevented me from moving forward and distributing the film. I’ve put in my entire life savings and am now at the end of the road. With that in mind, I finally decided to run a Kickstarter campaign. You can watch the trailer below and check out the Kickstarter campaign at this link.

– Thanks to reader Chris Reed for sending this in: HARDCORE LEGEND MICK FOLEY LATEST RETRO WRESTLING SIGNING ANNOUNCEMENT! are proud to announce that the bandwagon is still rolling and that we have followed up our recent signings with Eve Torres and Trish Stratus with the breaking news that WWE Hall Of Fame 2013 Inductee Mick Foley is the latest huge name to sign exclusively for our UK based company.

Chris Reed, owner:
“Ever since our 1st major signing with Bret Hitman Hart in 2010, we have strived to bring huge names from the world of wrestling to the table and have completed exclusive deals with the likes of Shawn Michaels, Edge, Trish Stratus and many, many more. For fans who have never ordered from us before, this is an ideal way to order an item of your choosing which can be signed anyway you please, to anyone you please! We understand that not everyone can attend meet and greets across the UK or worldwide – so whether you order for yourself, or even a friend/family member for a gift, this is an ideal way of ordering from your proverbial armchair!”

Mick Foley:
“Hello Everybody, its the Hardcore Legend and even though on November 9th I will be in Queens New York I will actually be doing a signing for the great fans right there in the UK through Retro Wrestling. Its almost like Magic!”

Fans of Mick Foley worldwide are invited to check out or site to view our promotional video from Mick and to see what items they can order! We have a range of items from rare WWF vintage promo photos to current Mattel WWE action figures! Click here for more information.