New Favorite To Win Tonight’s WWE 30-Man Royal Rumble Match

Betting sites now list Daniel Bryan as the favorite to win tonight’s 30-man WWE Royal Rumble match. Bryan still has not been announced for the match but something changed within the past few hours that saw Bryan jump out ahead of Batista. It’s worth noting that the favorites almost always end up winning, as we’ve covered recently. Here are the top 3 odds for the Rumble match:

* Daniel Bryan (8/15)
* Batista (6/4)
* CM Punk (8/1)

  • Planet Dearth

    No one wants to see Batista win this thing. That juice head is going to be gassed out after 3 primal screams and two power bombs.

    • Dissonance

      If he even makes it to the screams and powerbombs w/o getting hurt haha.

  • Trainwreck

    One word – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dean Ambrose

    Bryan wins! Cena wins. Should be a great rumble!

  • Bryan Thomas

    I don’t even care about the royal rumble. I’m starting to not care about any of the championships either. Only thing left to stop caring about is wwe.