New Jack Footage Removed From YouTube, New Stunt DVD

Thanks to Michael Moody for sending this in:

Hollymood Entertainment has removed footage of the infamous New Jack vs. Gypsy Joe match and the ultra violent video of New Jack stabbing another pro wrestler with a knife from YouTube to a new video website, Sikk.TV. You can now only see these two shocking pro wrestling matches exclusively at the website.

In addition to these two shocking pro wrestling matches, the website is also hosting an assortment of New Jack interviews and other rare pro wrestling video content.

You are able to sign up and upload your own stunt, prank or other outrageous video footage, including pro wrestling footage that you own the rights to at Sikk.TV.

Hollymood Entertainment is in the early stages of producing The Homegrown Collection part 2 and the company is in negotiations with New Jack to host the DVD. Expect more news on this production in the coming weeks because one more famous pro wrestler might be attached to the project. If you would like to submit stunt or prank footage for the DVD, e-mail Hollymood Entertainment at

Hollymood Entertainment also has 101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler, New Jack: Hardcore and The Homegrown Collection DVDs on sale for $5 each in their online store.