New Member Of The Wyatt Family Debuting In WWE Soon?

As reported, WWE NXT star Judas Devlin was brought in for RAW in Nashville this week and is backstage at tonight’s SmackDown tapings in Atlanta. Devlin has fans on Twitter speculating that he may be debuting as a new member of The Wyatt Family after this tweet mentioning Sister Abigail:

It was recently reported that Devlin was out of action with a spinal injury but earlier this week he tweeted that his back was feeling “taut” or tight, which could be a reference to those injury reports.

Devlin’s look could easily fit with The Wyatt Family. For those who haven’t seen him on NXT, here’s a photo:

  • cj

    I like the Wyatt trio the way they are right now. I don’t think they need a new member just yet

  • Rene Ramirez

    perfect fit for the wyats haven’t seen him but looks like a beast

  • Jason

    They need Paige! well RAW needs Paige, she’d definitely put a boost to the diva’s division

    • Brandon Roberts

      yes they do. i would like to see her taking out ‘barbies, with chairs by breaking their legs

  • Robert Mills

    The Shield is better than the Wyatt Family to me.

  • bengalsmarvel

    nything could help the weak divas division i wish they would bring back Kharma

  • Brandon Roberts

    perfect fit for the wyatt family and not the worst judas in history and he should be carful the last time somebody befreinded a guy named judas well you know