New Photo Of CM Punk With A Fan In Las Vegas

CM Punk

CM Punk spotted leaving Las Vegas Sunday afternoon:

  • James Humwood

    Why can’t ppl leave him alone? He obviously doesn’t want to be there. Hate ppl that have to harass ppl

  • Cathy Williams

    He obviously made this fan Happy!.I’m sure all superstars are used to this.That’s what he is.Would you ignore your fans or take a minute to brighten someones day?

    • James Humwood

      im not saying the fan isn’t happy but you can tell cm punk didn’t want to be bothered

      • Barack Lesnar

        That’s why he wore the hoodie, to cover his face hoping no one would recognize him. All celebrities wear hoodies, hats, and sunglasses at the airport so as not to get recognized by fans.

  • Barack Lesnar

    CM Punk looks so happy, he could shit.

    • James Humwood

      Lol what you said reminded me of comedian jim norton xD

      • Rupert Pupkin

        Chip Chipperson :P Jim’s best character haha

  • Adnan

    who’s this lucky guy beside Cm Punk ???