New Photo Of The Undertaker Surfaces Online

Check out this new photo of WWE Legend The Undertaker rocking a white goatee that has surfaced online:

Rare Photos Of The Undertaker As A Teenager, Masked & More

  • Jmo Warp

    He looks so old I hope this mania will be his last

    • Chris Roy


      The man looks old yeah, but that’s what age does to you.

      But why do you wish this would be his last? He does one match a year and constantly steals the show. I could understand if he walks out like an old man and looks terrible in the ring, but he doesn’t. He still looks great when he gets in there and his performance never drops.

      Until somebody can put on better matches than him, then I hope he stays for a while yet.

      • Ali

        Because he takes up a part of the card that could go to somebody who is working hard all year. It’s not necessarily fair to all the mid carders.

        • Chris Roy

          People want to see Undertaker, nobody wants to see some mid-carder take that spot. As I said, until somebody can beat Taker in performance and match quality at WM then he deserves to keep the spot.

          • Ali

            hmm taker vs sting OR the wyatts Luke and Rowan vs Seth rollins and Dean Ambrose which sounds like a better match?

          • Chris Roy

            Well The Shield vs Wyatts was on last night and chances are both teams will be on the Mania Card anyway.

            So i’d take Taker vs Sting

  • Melissa

    Its amazing what purple neon, beatd dye, and ring gear can do for a person.

  • Kate Orton Reigns

    wow he changed so much but still like him!Can’t wait for his return!

  • theripperdannyb

    Is it odd that I dont think he looks that old? Yeah the beard my be white, but considering the life and career that man has had he looks damn good for a guy just shy of 50!

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      The beard makes him look a lot older.

  • Ryan Butler

    Wow they better do Sting and Undertaker now because I did not realize it man but he’s getting up there. He looks like one of my parents friends from the Eagles, VFW or Legion which is cool, but to be a pro wrestler. I think this might be his last Mania.

    • FemaleWrestlingNut

      Mark Calaway goes thru hell most of the year dealing with surgeries, healing, physical therapy and regaining his strength, just to put on the best 25 minutes of entertainment he can possibly deliver for us. He always gives 120% How anyone could have less than total respect for the man is completely unbelievable. He will stop when he knows it’s time. He is a once in a lifetime performer.

  • Prince

    This guy is supposed to get in the ring with Brock Lesnar? Yikes. He may never walk again if that happens.

  • Mario Cardone

    Yeah everyone talks about how old he looks, well sure I guess if you compare him to his younger self.. but to me he doesn’t look old becuase he’s the deadman. It sort of just adds to his look of being part zombie :p

  • Cynthia Winslow

    Taker ill always be the same thing to me–no matter how old he is–he rocks and I love the hell right out of him.Everytime he has a show he does awesome,puts his all into it,and never lets me down. I will be a Taker fan till I die ..and then some!!!

  • Guest

    taker plz cut the beard, ur looking toooo old, gosh i hope u dont face lesnar if ur not 100%

  • Raihan Khan

    one thing i like abt undrtaker is that everybody likes and respects him, he is one of the few guys who is liked and respected by everyone ( at least 90%of the people who know him) cz most superstars have both haters and liker’s but taker got so many liker’s, i mean way more

  • 1LYF2LIV

    Damn yeah he looks really old!!! Looked old as heck last year! Needs to dye that!

  • Arpan Tibrewal Chinu

    Its the deadman v/s hulkmania