Recent Photo Of The Undertaker With Short Hair

Another picture has surfaced of The Undertaker without his trademark long hair. While he is wearing a hat again and we can’t confirm that he’s totally bald – it’s clear that his long hair is no more and he’ll be unveiling a totally new look at WrestleMania 28.

  • Todd

    You sure this isn’t Christopher Lloyd? 

  • William Smith

    i think he’s going back to The American Badass

  • Kyle

    He’s deffinetly not goin back to American Badass. And this photo shows nothing. We all know he has short hair or is bald, but that photo shows nothing, he could simply have his long hair Ina ponytail

  • Anubhavsprasad

    i wish the american bad ass makes his return

  • james

    did any of use see the photo of him with short slikked hair on utube look it up undertaker u look so stupid balled thats only my opinion get extensions plz

  • James

    whos dat with taker