Photos Of WWE Couple Dean Ambrose & Renee Young Hanging Out Together

– There has been speculation for a long time about WWE’s Renee Young and Dean Ambrose dating. Renee recently confirmed the rumors. Here are some photos of the couple together:

  • Bryan

    This just reminds me of that one shield promo where romain called her baby girl, she didn’t pay it much mind. Then when dean started talking, she started smiling like a school girl lol

    • Jesse Bognanno

      i remember that… afterwards i was like hmmm they hooking up or what

      • numberonedevofan

        Who Cares I don’t care I can not care less this is not a dating site this is a wrestling site for us fans to read articles about matches who wins what who loses she needs to stop bragging on every damn wrestling site it pisses me off because I want to read the real and the important news about matches new superstars it makes me want to throw up she hits on every one in WWE that walks she needs to go back to the street corner she should be standing on

        • kstar57

          that is mean . I never heard of her seeing anyone except Dean and they make a cute couple

    • Liane

      Of course she wouldn’t pay it much mind! She knew at the time Roman was engaged to his current wife, the mother of his child, whom he was with for almost a decade! He was so off the market. Dean on the other hand was single and interested in her. They had just started dating….

  • Jonathan Baylor

    If true Dean is a lucky guy.

    • Ольга Знойная

      If true Renee is a lucky woman…!

  • Necro

    Dean Ambrose does anyone else have a shot with Renee?

  • Tammy

    it is not true I read a article on one of the other wrestling sites that they just hang out as friends and that they don’t consider them selves boyfriend and girlfriend and that when Renee young twittered a foam finger on her hand as she was at some sports game with Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose’s fans sent Renee Young very harsh messages so I don’t think that the fans of dean Ambrose like Renee young hanging out with Dean Ambrose socially so much and with that being said I don’t think they will ever be anything as just two people hanging out socially as friends if the dean Ambrose fans have anything to say about it because they hate Renee young
    so no it is not true also once read a article that Renee young had back stage heat with WWE for hanging out with dean Ambrose too much and according to HHH and WWE officials being a huge distraction to Dean Ambrose and his WWE career and that they would prefer they he forgets about her and focus on his career no offense to Renee Young sounds like he forgot about her in the dating sense and just sees her as a friend because he career is going well and he career in WWE is more worth it than to have dating ruin his career plus Renee young has heat with WWE For her behavior and the WWE Divas hate her as well as the Dean Ambrose Fans hate her too

    • * Mr. P A T *

      You’re so wrong its funny. It’s been confirmed 5 days ago that they are infact had been dating and they are in love. It was so obvious they were a couple from the get go.

      • numberonedevofan

        who the hell cares

      • numberonedevofan

        by the way mister pat everything I wrote about is true I read al on wrestling sites and everything I said is true Dean Ambrose have a lot of fans female friends other fans and they all hate Renee Young they are Renee Young haters they sent her threatening messages they don’t like her they hate Renee Young for dating Dean Ambrose read your wrestling news I know what I am talking about I been a wrestling fan sine 19 I am 47 now those pictures are old they have not been hanging out recently those pictures are from months ago so if they are no current pictures of them together of them hanging out they are not dating DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t you ever read the wrestling news She Flirts with everything that moves in WWE given that I give it a week of two if its true who really gives a crap if they are really dating or not also relationships on the job or in a business don’t really work because personal relationships and work on the job don’t mix I think its better to meet someone on the outside not in the same company it wont last. He can do so much better there are prettier girls than Renee Young she is a plain Jane Hell I am prettier than her but I don’t use my looks to flirt with every guy that moves like she does so that makes me a classy woman
        and her a trashy woman her hair looks like crap her clothes are tacky come on he can do a hell of a lot better like I give a crap
        about Renee Young, WHO CARES ABOUT RENEE YOUNG dean Ambrose has a promising career in WWE and the reason why triple h and the WWE officials wanted Dean Ambrose to forget about Renee Young as she is a huge distraction to his career is because they feel triple h and the officials of wwe feel that Renee Young will ruin his chances of him making a name for himself in WWE be having a successful wrestling career and they triple h and the officials had a big problem with Renee young and him being in a relationship due to that and that is the Reason why Renee young has had backstage heat in WWE one because of her behavior two because of wwe officials and hhh having a big problem with her being in a relationship with Dean Ambrose and distracting him from having a successful career two with her having backstage heat with the other WWE divas not liking her probably because she flirted and went after their men I read all this on line so the way I see if now MR PAT if Dean Ambrose wants to throw away having a successful career in WWE and ruin his career by dating a huge distraction like Renee Young that is his problem and that is his decision and that is his choice and it is his life personally I think he is making a huge mistake relationships come and go his friendships and his WWE Career will last a life time
        I am a Renee Young hater along with all of the other Renee Young haters who are fans and who will always be fans of Dean Ambrose
        I too will always be a fan of Dean Ambrose how ever I am disappointed in him for not focusing on his career more first he could have had a successful career in WWE now that will be weighed down by Renee young being in the way of his career being successful in WWE and I think it is sad I comment the other WWE Super Stars like Kane Roman Reigns Bray Wyatt who all have relationships outside of the WWE they are all married to people and have children their relationships will be long lasting because Kane Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt are al smart enough to have relationships outside of WWE and keep their relationships separate from them jobs how ever Dean Ambrose and Renee young are not smart and they will not have a long lasting relationship, because they have their relationship in The WWE mixing business with Personal relationship it wont last
        Look MR PAT you have a right to your opinion I have a right to my opinion You know I am right I read a lot on line the articles they write on here are written by professional writers and are not tabloid
        stuff. Now this topic is closed please do not bring up the subject of Renee Young and Dean Ambrose and their supposed relationships if you bring it up again I will be one pissed off lady now lets talk about wrestle mania last nights Monday night raw this is not the frigging dating game or the newlywed site

        • Pisto75666

          It’s people like you that make the rest of us Dean fans look bad, please stop.

        • Sue Solak

          As if John and Renee give a flying f..k what brainless dodos like you think lol get your own life and stay the hell out of their private life – Jonathan Good has had so much crap in his life – read his actual biography…Thank God he has met a lovely classy lady like Renee to make him happy… I hope they bonk like rabbits and make lots of beautiful little lunatics!!!!!

          • Richard Mccarthy

            Well said, agree whit you 100%.

        • Maria Morales

          First of all, you don’t even know her! So you can’t say that she flirts with every man that she sees!! And second of all, you think that you are classy, but people who judge other people for what they wear are trashy!! I’m pretty sure Renee is a classy lady, unlike you.

        • Richard Mccarthy

          I replied above thinking you were a child, but 47, and you believe everything in the wrestling rumor news. They are dating you idiot, there is lots of video of them saying they are dating, and Ambrose saying he’s so lucky, she is to good for him. Why can’t you just leave them be in happiness together, because your a lonely, single fat middle aged man, that is so bitter at someone else’s happiness. It sounds also that you might be a little jealous of reene been whit dean, why does dean float your boat. Because you ain’t ever got any moon tang pie. And that’s the bottom line cause stone, or sorry Richie said so. Idiot.

    • Richard Mccarthy

      Where are you getting all this bull shit from, they have been dating, she never had any heat whit wwe over been whit dean, Hhh was whit cyhna and steph, so he ain’t going to say that, look at the number of couples in the wwe, you idiot. And dean Ambrose fans don’t hate Rene, it’s little trolls like you, that thing they are marks for the business but know jack. It’s getting late, must be past your bed time you have school tomorrow. Try learning something there. Because every statement you made was

  • Tammy

    oh and one more thing Roman Reigns and Seth Rollin’s are both engaged to other people long time girlfriends so Renee Young does not have a chance with them or Dean Ambrose for that matter they wont give her time of day their careers are more important

  • Brie Wyatt

    Titty Master: Master of titties.

    • numberonedevofan

      she don’t have breasts more like pimples in their place
      I am 42DD now that is chesty

      • Brie Wyatt

        Pics or you lyin.

      • Joe Sdc Southgate

        Summer is ere and I’m fockin fockin buzzin…is that the devo you’re number one fan of?

      • SirPennington

        Prove it!

      • Richard Mccarthy

        That’s huge for a like Abdullah the butcher. Wonder what size he would be. 58hhh, if they make them that size, and that’s the low ball figure.

  • Jarryd

    They ain’t hanging out, they’re dating :)

  • JokersNuts

    Ambrose is lucky as hell!

    • Ольга Знойная

      Renee is lucky as hell…!

  • mocha brown

    Anytime some one gets upset mainly fans they all need to grow up. I am a dean ambrose fan but I don’t care who he dates or who he sleeps with. Not my business, as long as he remains crazy & exciting that’s all that really matters to me . It’s really not up to the fans its up to them. And if they choose to date and get in a relationship that their personal choice he’s not gay guys he’s also dated women in that business he said so himself. Get over it, life doesn’t wait for anyone.