Photos Of WWE Couple Dean Ambrose & Renee Young Hanging Out Together


- There has been speculation for a long time about WWE’s Renee Young and Dean Ambrose dating. Renee recently confirmed the rumors. Here are some photos of the couple together:

  • Bryan

    This just reminds me of that one shield promo where romain called her baby girl, she didn’t pay it much mind. Then when dean started talking, she started smiling like a school girl lol

    • Jesse Bognanno

      i remember that… afterwards i was like hmmm they hooking up or what

  • Jonathan Baylor

    If true Dean is a lucky guy.

  • Necro

    Dean Ambrose does anyone else have a shot with Renee?

  • Tammy

    it is not true I read a article on one of the other wrestling sites that they just hang out as friends and that they don’t consider them selves boyfriend and girlfriend and that when Renee young twittered a foam finger on her hand as she was at some sports game with Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose’s fans sent Renee Young very harsh messages so I don’t think that the fans of dean Ambrose like Renee young hanging out with Dean Ambrose socially so much and with that being said I don’t think they will ever be anything as just two people hanging out socially as friends if the dean Ambrose fans have anything to say about it because they hate Renee young
    so no it is not true also once read a article that Renee young had back stage heat with WWE for hanging out with dean Ambrose too much and according to HHH and WWE officials being a huge distraction to Dean Ambrose and his WWE career and that they would prefer they he forgets about her and focus on his career no offense to Renee Young sounds like he forgot about her in the dating sense and just sees her as a friend because he career is going well and he career in WWE is more worth it than to have dating ruin his career plus Renee young has heat with WWE For her behavior and the WWE Divas hate her as well as the Dean Ambrose Fans hate her too

  • Tammy

    oh and one more thing Roman Reigns and Seth Rollin’s are both engaged to other people long time girlfriends so Renee Young does not have a chance with them or Dean Ambrose for that matter they wont give her time of day their careers are more important