New Photos Of Randy Orton With His Girlfriend

Check out some of these new photos of Randy Orton with his girlfriend accompanied by some assorted shots:

  • Sean

    Sooooo who’s the other guy in HALF the pics of Randy Orton and his GF?

    • Ashlee Law

      her ex husband

      • SJ

        Kim Marie being Randy Orton’s girlfriend = dreadful

    • SJ

      He isn’t with his real girlfriend yet.

  • Courtney

    i thought he was married to samantha!!!!!!

    • StingStungMe

      They were divorced last summer.

      • SJ

        Orton being the boyfriend of Kim Marie and him not being the boyfriend of a Skinhead girl….. is fucking pathetic, dissatisfying, lousy, bad, mean, wrong, hurtful, lousy and totally fucked up!

      • SJ

        Randy Orton being with Kim Marie and being her boyfriend is fucking lousy, unfair and screwed up!

    • SJ

      Him being the boyfriend of Kim Marie is fucking offensive, objectionable, reprehensible, detestable, and hurtful, depressing and extremely stupid.

  • blahblah


  • jaake130

    when is randy orton returning to wwe