New Rey Misterio To Be Introduced, Triple H’s First Ring For Sale

— The original wrestling ring from Killer Kowalski’s Institute of Pro Wrestling in Massachusetts is up for auction on eBay. A number of notable wrestlers learned the ropes in this ring including Triple H, Chyna, Perry Saturn, Kazarian, A-Train and John Kronus.

The auction can be seen here.

— The Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags, are scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of Man v. Food on the Travel Channel.

— Rey Misterio, Sr. (Miguel Lopez, uncle of WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio) is scheduled to introduce a new Rey Misterio, Jr. at a CMLL live event on Friday, May 27 in Tijuana, Mexico. Misterio, Sr. has trained the young upstart and is said to have a lot potential. Rey Mysterio, the original Rey Misterio, Jr., has given the wrestler his blessing.

Often times in Mexico, a famous wrestler will allow a junior to assume his persona in exchange for a percentage of their earnings.

Photo of Rey Mysterio unmasked at WrestleMania ->

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter