New Video Of Bret Hart’s Nephew In Action, John Cena Grants Wish Before MITB, WWE Stock

– Courtesy of Bill Apter’s, below is video of Bret Hart’s nephew Matthew Hart making his debut for Real Canadian Wrestling. Matthew, son of Smith Hart, also talks with 1wrestling’s Andre Corbeil. The footage of Matthew begins at around 1:05.

– WWE stock was up 4.05% today, closing at $16.45 per share. Today’s high was $17.18 and the low was $16.13.

– Thanks to the Dream Foundation, WWE United States Champion John Cena granted another wish before WWE Money In the Bank on Sunday. Here Cena is with Teresa and her family:

  • Hulkamania

    not bad for first match. He’ll make it to WWE probably.

    • The Mike (a.k.a Mikael)

      Oh,he will most probably make it,just cause he’s from The Hart Family

      • William

        What about Teddy Hart? He didn’t make it to WWE, in fact I think he’s been banned from the Hall of Fame a couple of times

        • The Mike (a.k.a Mikael)

          To be honest,I don’t even know who that is

          • William

            Son of BJ Annis and Grandson of Stu Hart, had to look it up he was with WWE from 98-02 and in 05-07 and let go for attitude problems. He was actually a pretty good wrestler saw in in person in 07 and he was with Wrestling Society X on MTV