News & Backstage Notes From ROH Final Battle 2014; Hall Of Famer’s Daughter In Attendance, Did Cole Blade?

– Before the show started, the entire roster came out to the ring as Nigel McGuinness presented former ROH owner and current ambassador Cary Silkin with a “Lifetime Achievement Award”, something they’ve previously given Bruno Sammartino, Bret Hart and Jerry Lynn. Silkin took the microphone and told the crowd that this would be, “one of the best f***ing Final Battle’s you’ll ever see”.

– The big screen on the stage was named the “Carytron” by color commentator Steve Corino, much like how WWE’s big screen is called the “Titantron”.

– Noelle Foley, daughter of WWE Hall of Famer and ROH alumnus Mick Foley was in attendance and went backstage at the show to meet some of the wrestlers. She posted a picture on Twitter of herself with The Young Bucks right after their match.

– The blood Adam Cole used was fake and he didn’t blade. After Briscoe slammed him into the ring post, Cole went under the ring momentarily and when he came back out his face was covered in blood. They used fake blood because Jay Briscoe was already bleeding and they didn’t want to be penalized by the New York State Athletic Commission.

– Speaking of the New York State Athletic Commission, the doctor who came out during the match to check on Cole, who Jay Briscoe then ran away was actually the doctor sent by the commission. He agreed to take part in the spot.

– After the show Jay Briscoe and Adam Cole were both helped to the back by referees, Bobby Cruise thanked the fans for coming out but didn’t announce a return date. While the show looked very good on TV, the reaction from some people in attendance is that the venue isn’t suitable for pro-wrestling because of the balconies. The estimated crowd for the sold-out show was 1,400 with a few hundred of those in the three balconies looking down.

  • Michael Duberry

    So…did Cole blade?

    • Creature_of_the_Night


  • Creature_of_the_Night

    A company needs blood for me to consider it pro wrestling.




    I hate WWE for MANY reasons, but number one may be their blood ban and their “running out with a towel” garbage.

    Blood is part of the fabric of pro wrestling.

    I’m not saying every match – just once in a while on ppv to keep that possibility always there – and it adds to the feel and grittiness of the show – now WWE feels like a kiddie cartoon.

    When I was a kid I remember all the wrestling mags had bloody pics on the cover – one of the things that attracted me to pro wrestling, as I am a gore hound when it comes to movies.

    They might as well ban home runs in baseball because someone in the bleachers might get hit with the ball.

    WWE lost touch with the old schoolers like me.

    But the Universe-ites defend whatever garbage Vinnie Mac and WWE does.

    Why do you think they hate me so much?

    Because I point out how much WWE has changed through the years, and they try to deny that.

    God bless.

  • Creature_of_the_Night

    And all the Universe-ites who defend the blood ban – if WWE changed that policy back tomorrow – they’d be high-fiving and saying how great it is.

    How much ya wanna bet?

  • arlowoodenhead

    This report seems to imply that Jay Briscoe agreed to have a piece of paper stapled to his head. Holy office supplies!