News On Daniel Bryan’s New Gimmick With The Wyatt Family At Saturday’s WWE Live Event

As reported, Daniel Bryan debuted his new Wyatt Family attire at Saturday night’s WWE live event in Hampton, Virginia and lost to Bray Wyatt in a cage match.

Bryan was introduced as Daniel Wyatt before the match. During the match, Bryan just let Bray beat him down. After Bray got the win, Luke Harper carried Bryan away on his shoulders.

Photos: Daniel Bryan Debuts New Wyatt Family Ring Gear

  • Jacob

    it was Erick Rowan, Luke Harper wasn’t there

  • Zoran T

    Gets beat up by Orton & The Shield – The Wyatts start picking on him – Gets beat up by The Wyatts – submits to them and joins them for “help” – is forced to wear a plumbers outfit and continues getting beat down = win lol