News On Mick Foley & JBL’s Possible Returns To WWE

It’s widely expected that former WWE superstar Mick Foley will be returning to the company in the next few weeks, with Foley himself even teasing his return in recent interviews and on twitter.

According to a source in WWE, there’s been a lot of talk behind the scenes this week about Foley’s return taking place around Survivor Series.

With Foley’s longtime friend The Rock returning to the ring at Survivor Series and appearing on the final RAW before Survivor Series on November 14th, it’s expected that Foley will make several appearances on WWE television leading up to and after the big event.

Additionally, there’s been talk in recent days that former WWE superstar John Bradshaw Layfield could also be brought back to the company, but the JBL return is just talk at this point. is a subscription free website and relies on advertising and donations from people like you. If everyone reading this donates a few dollars, we can be fully funded for another year. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays! - Team =)