Newsworthy Off-Air Notes From This Week’s SD Tapings

Report courtesy of Judy Stephenson and …

Shelton Benjamin was just introduced and his “Ain’t No Stopping Me Now” music was played. It wasn’t treated as unusual that he was there.

NXT is just sad; there is no other term for it. While videos played and they brought out chairs for the ‘pros’ a camera man and a guy in a black polo stood there talking to them, obviously ‘directing’ them. I wondered why. Also, when Hornswoggle was introduced as a pro and he barked and makes guttural noises, I didn’t find that funny, amusing, or clever in any way and it needs to stop.

My main thought about Superstars was based on the Sign Guy. He seems so desperate to make himself part of the shows. Chris Masters hugged him and Sign Guy went on for five minutes wiping off the oil, even while they were changing the ring. It struck me as sad somehow, but I guess it makes him happy.

The (ten-man tag) dark match did not excite the crowd as much as I thought it would. After the initial excitement of John Cena’s entrance, it was relatively quite. The guy with the ‘slow clap’ sign he had been holding up all night, when Big Show was ‘struggling’ Cena turned to that guy and pointed to his sign and raised his arm, telling him to raise the sign. He raised the sign and even turned in a circle so everyone could see it, which got the crowd a little more into it. Afterwards, Cena and Show shook hands and signed some autographs.