Nia Jax Comments On If The WWE Women’s Division Is Lacking Anything

Nia Jax appeared on Busted Open Radio on Tuesday to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights:

Respect for Asuka:

“I have great respect for Asuka as a performer and as a wrestler. She has done so much before she even got here to the WWE. That woman is as tough as fricken nails. She’s as tough as they get. I’m so excited because she’s one of the toughest competitors I’ve ever been in the ring with. She also has a side to her that is a little sexy. It’s always cool that as a woman to show that we can go out there and kick some butt, but there is that sexy side of us that we like to show off.

“Badass women can have a sexy side to them. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

If the WWE women’s division is lacking anything talent-wise:

“I’m honored to even be mentioned in the same category. I don’t know what we’re lacking, honestly. We have such versatility. We have our champ that, she is very conniving and has that attitude and smart. We have our veteran Mickie who comes in and she still goes out every night and puts such a great show on for us. She teaches the young girls how to work and how to do stuff out there. We have Paige who still is contributing with her amazing talent. We have Bayley the hugger who you literally want to hug. She’s such a sweetheart but has such great talent. You have Sasha who has a great arsenal as well. There’s really nothing else I can think of.”