Nicole Bass Not Dead, Doctors Set To Take Her Off Life Support Later Today, Updated Details

As noted, it was reported by multiple sources on Thursday night that former WWE and ECW star Nicole Bass had passed away, including a report from Nicole’s friend on her official Facebook page.

Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with the front desk at the hospital that Bass was admitted to and they were told that she is still on life support but that she will be taken off life support later this Friday evening.

Bass is currently brain dead, which is why she is being taken off life support. It was reported on Thursday that Bass suffered a massive stroke earlier in the week and never recovered. PW Sheet’s source says her girlfriend put the word out via Facebook, before Bass actually passed, because she felt like Nicole was already gone. PW Sheet adds that doctors told those at the hospital yesterday that she became brain dead after suffering a heart attack, and that there’s nothing else they can do for her.

We will keep you updated on Bass’ status. We apologize for the earlier report.

  • Jacob June

    First George Steele, now Nicole Bass? This year is off to a VERY eerie start with pro wrestler deaths.

    • Leon Nick Perkins

      2016 was the worst year of deaths I had ever seen. Celebrities and just people in general. Chavo classic, Nicole bass, then George steel?? That’s in barely a week. Yep, seems like this isn’t going to be great at all

    • Hulkamania

      Death usually comes in 3’s so expect one more. Actually our third one was Chavo Classic.

    • LTweetsU

      and now ivan Koloff

      • Jacob June

        Yup. All three are dead within 2 days. That is MORBID!