No Way Out Of PG!

Hello there boys and girls! Dave Scott back again for the usual Monday night pish talking. Now we are just off a very lackluster No Way Out. Last week I was making comparisons of the last PPV compared to TNA’s Slammiversary and how it was just as good, however this weeks wasn’t quite as good as TNA’s most recent PPV efforts.

Last nights PPV had some good parts to it. The triple threat for the WWE title was good, Sheamus and Ziggler was pretty decent, the four way tag match had a good conclusion and Christian and Rhodes as expected was pretty darn good. The main issue I had with this PPV was it ending with the Cena match, I know that its been happening consistently over the last few months, but it has now got to the point for me that it is far to much. If they want Cena to be the focus of the shows he should be champion, as simple as that. If WWE are going to put the title onto Punk the focus should be on him. The crowd were hot as hell for the WWE title match and rightly so. Its a dam shame that it had to be followed by a Ryback squash and Cena’s match.

WWE need to realise that if they want people to invest in their champions that they need to invest in them themselves. I doubt it will harm Cena’s popularity at all if he isn’t to be on the last match on the card, but I think WWE are just purely marketing to kids just now. What I am basing this on is my six year old nephew, he is a huge wrestling fan and he likes pretty much everything that WWE tells him to like… Apart from Santino, but that is only because he has a low overall rating in WWE 12. My nephew loves Cena, Sheamus, Orton, Sin Cara, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and the likes because the way he sees it is the way that WWE portrays it.

As much as WWE doesn’t make the right decisions in our eyes I think a lot of the time we have to look at it as how it is. WWE is marketing to kids, the same way they were marketing to kids when the majority of us were younger back in the Hogan and Warrior era’s (sorry for those brought up in the Attitude era haha). This is WWE’s long term plan as the kids are the ones that are going to get their parents to buy the figures, the DVD’s, the games and all that. I mean I’ve been watching WWE for over 20 years now and yet my six year old nephew has more merchandise than I do! The kids are where the money is and also the kids aren’t ones to question what they do and won’t point out ever bit of logic that isn’t met within the storylines.

For now it seems that if you want a bit of long term storytelling and more focus on what the older fans want then TNA may be the option at the moment as they are going for wrestling as we want to see at the moment, where WWE are aiming at the kids however trying to give a little bit of pleasure to the internet marks with having CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in the title pictures, but not on the main event.

However I’m going to leave it at that for this week people, I’ll be floating about Twitter as always during Raw tonight and getting my banter on the go, so if you want to join me:

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Have a great week guys.