Notable Names Set For TNA’s Gutcheck Challenge, Kurt Angle Talks Working Part-Time, Adam Pearce

– Kurt Angle recently spoke about transitioning to a part time schedule in the future on One Sided Ring Podcast. Here is what he had to say:

“I do see myself, after my contract is up, going on a reduced schedule where I will be part-time and only doing particular PPVs and TVs. If this happens in TNA, then great. I’ll be there for the big shows and represent them the best way I can. Hopefully they’ll get a lot more success out of it, more PPV buys and more attendance.There are guys like Sting who help dramatically, and he’s on a reduced schedule. I look to him, as he is such an amazing wrestler, and an even better entertainer, as one of my role models.”

– TNA has posted their latest list of Gutcheck challenge contestants. The list has some notable independent names, including the following, Gregory Iron, Sugar Dunkerton, Adam Pearce, Ricky Reyes, A.J. Kirsch, Chase Stevens, Johnny Yuma, Lince Dorado, The Big O, Papadon and Lufisto. You can check out the full list here.

– Here is a profile video for former NWA champion Adam Pearce: