NWA Invasion Houston Results – October 18, 2013

Humble, Texas – The National Wrestling Alliance, in conjunction with NWA Houston, held its hugely successful NWA Invasion Houston event at the Humble Civic Center on Friday, October 18, featuring many of the top wrestlers in the NWA along with four top superstars of New Japan Pro Wrestling, including Jushin “Thunder” Liger.

“The Real Deal” Chase Owens recaptured the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship by defeating Jason “the Gift” Kincaid, who had taken the title from Owens in Tennessee on August 10. Prior to the match, Kincaid was presented with a brand new World Jr. Heavyweight Championship belt by NWA President Bruce Tharpe. The belt was made by JP Championship Belts, the official belt maker of the NWA. The home promotion of both Owens and Kincaid, NWA Smoky Mountain, has announced that a return match will take place in the near future.

Three additional championships were defended at Invasion. NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Ironman” Rob Conway successfully defended his title against NWA Lone Star Heavyweight Champion “Addictive and Expensive” Byron Wilcott in a Street Fight match. The match was a result of Conway’s disqualification victory over Wilcott in Houston in September.

NWA World Tag Team Champions, Davey Boy Smith, Jr. and Lance Hoyt, the Killer Elite Squad, successfully defeated the team of Liger and Hiroyoshi Tenzan. NWA Lone Star Tag Team Champions, Alex Reigns and “Cowboy” James Claxton, the Sons of Texas, wrestled the NWA Midwest Tag Team Champions, “the Xperience” Damien Wayne and “the Canadian Lion” Lance Erikson, the Lords of K.A.O.S., to a double-countout in a contest for Reigns’ and Claxton’s titles.

In non-title action, New Japan Pro Wrestling stars Gedo and Watanabe defeated former NWA World Tag Team Champions, Scot Summers and Ryan Genesis, the Kingz of the Underground. Former NWA Lone Star Heavyweight Champion Jax Dane was attacked by Wilcott prior to Dane’s match against former NWA Florida Underground Heavyweight Champion Michael Tarver, allowing Tarver to defeat Dane.

NWA Eastern States Champion Lou Marconi defeated his former student, Raymond “Death” Rowe when Rowe was distracted by suspended NWA Houston star Jasper Davis at ringside. Former NWA North American Heavyweight Champion Houston Carson returned to action after suffering a knee injury at the hands of former NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Champion “Modern Day Hero” Kevin Douglas over the summer. Carson teamed with longtime friend and partner “One Man” Mike Dell to defeat Douglas and partner “Absolute” Ricky Starks.