NWS/BWO Joint Show Results From Ridgefield Park, NJ 11/5

PWMania.com correspondent Mark “Foto-Mark” Engel sent the following:

National Wrestling Superstars returned to its favorite Bergen County, NJ venue, the Ridgefield Park Knights of Columbus Hall, on Friday night November 5th, for a joint show with popular Bergen County promotion Bodyslam Wrestling Organization. A light but enthusiastic Friday night crowd of NWS and BWO fans were in attendance at the hall to cheer on their favorites.

In the opening non-title tag-team contest, BWO Tag-Team Champions The Dancing Darlings (Damien Darling & Michael Blade) defeated the duo of former NWS Heavyweight Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc & BWO’s Tristan Law. Despite their size advantage, Havoc and Law’s never having tagged together before was their undoing, as Havoc accidentally clotheslined Law while aiming for Damien in a double team move. Blade then hit Law with a flying splash off the top rope and pinned him 1-2-3.

Blade Michaels defeated “Retro Rocker” Ricky Roxx. Blade had the size advantage in this match, but Roxx used his speed and kept the pace even for most of the match. But Blade outlasted the assault and put Roxx down with a Rock Bottom for the 1-2-3.

In another tag-team showdown, NWS Heavyweight Champion Ray-Ray Marz & NWS Tag-Team Champion Jersey Shore Jocks member Mike Dennis (with still injured partner Chris D’Andrea in their corner) defeated NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans & former NWS Cruiserweight Champion Jumping Joey Janela. Oceans & Janela were hoping to have a title match against the tag-team champions, and tried to take out their frustrations by double-teaming Dennis for several minutes. But after Oceans missed a flying legdrop off the top rope, Marz was finally tagged in and cleaned house. Marz was able to fight his way out of a double-team superplex attempt by Oceans and Janela, and with Oceans flattened by a back suplex from Dennis, Marz hit Janela with an elevated roundhouse kick to the head and pinned him 1-2-3.

The match between former WWE & WCW star “America’s Hero” The Patriot (with former ECW & WWE diva Dawn Marie) vs. former WWE developmental star Pat Buck (with manager King Ran-sid Akhbar Idu Stinq) was thrown out as a double-disqualification. Before the match, King Stinq acknowledged it was Dawn Marie’s birthday and attempted to show his “civilized” side by presenting her with a present, a personally autographed picture of himself. Dawn was, of course, monumentally insulted, and slapped King Stinq, and in the ensuing confusion Buck attacked Patriot and the match was on. The two former WWE talents waged a furious war for several minutes, until Patriot accidentally pitched Buck into the corner where referee Kenny Edwards was standing, knocking him out cold. King Stinq came into the ring and he and Buck started double-teaming Patriot, and then Stinq called for all his friends from the locker room (J.D. Smoothie, Corey Havoc, Joey Janela, Nicky Oceans, Brittney Savage, and even some BWO wrestlers) to come help. Patriot was beaten down, and then King Stinq called out The Nigerian Nightmares (Ma-Fu & new 500+ pound member Ra-Fu & Voodoo Princess Sheeta) to finish Patriot for good. It looked like certain doom for America’s Hero, but the Nightmares stunned everyone by instead attacking King Stinq and his goons and expelling them from the ring, to the cheering of the crowd. Smoothie in particular was incensed at his friends having been double-crossed, and challenged the Nightmares and Sheeta to an six-person tag-team match against himself & former WWE star Salvatore Sincere & Brittney Savage. The Nightmares responded with in Nigerian language loosely translated as “Hell yeah!” and even chose Dawn Marie to be thir manager for the evening.
BWO Heavyweight Champion The Preacher (with Arlene) retained his title against challenger Dan Murdoch. The larger Murdoch held the power advantage, but Preacher’s speed (and a few illegal moves) kept him in the match as the two waged a piched battle. In the end, it looked like there would be a new champion as Murdoch leveled Preacher with a thunderous gorilla press powerslam. But Arlene got up on the ring apron to distract Murdoch and hit him in the face with a foreign object. Preacher then hit the stunned Murdoch with triple knees to the gut followed by a lariat clothesline and pinned him 1-2-3. Murdoch was furious, and seized the belt and smashed it into Preacher’s head, busting him open. Murdoch vowed he would win the title once and for all when the two met again at BWO’s next event in Elmwood Park, NJ later this month.

In another BWO match, Steve Off defeated James Weck (with manager Tony Schoff). The speedier Off overcame the size advantage of Weck, and towards the end hit him with a flying spalsh and locked him in a crossface submission hold. Manager Schoff tried to get into the ring to break up the hold, and in the ensuing distraction Weck hit Off with a low blow. But the unorthodox Off seemed unfazed, and was able to reverse things and put Weck down for good with a “Lights Off” lariat to the back of the head, followed by the 1-2-3.

In the Main Event, a six-person inter-gender tag-team grudge match, The Nigerian Nightmares (Ma-Fu & Ra-Fu & Voodoo Princess Sheeta, with manager Dawn Marie) defeated the team of Sincerely Smooth (former WWE bad boy Salvatore Sincere & “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie) & WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage (with manager King Ran-sid Akhbar Idu Stinq). The Nightmares initially severely out-powered their opponents, with new member the 500+ pound Ra-Fu seemingly immovable. But Sal and Smoothie were actually able to isolate the smaller Ma-Fu (only 450 pounds) in their corner and work on his knee to keep him off his feet, and even planted him into the mat with a thundering double suplex. But when Smoothie got arrogant and tried to plant a Camel Clutch on Ma-Fu (in tribute to his wrestling idol The Iron Sheik), Ma-Fu rose to his feet with Smoothie still on his back and squashed Smoothie in the corner. The huge Ra-Fu came in and cleaned house, and Smoothie & Sal & Brittney were all squashed together by a Nigerian Sandwich. Sheeta then finished off Brittney with a clothesline and elbow drop and pinned her 1-2-3. The Nightmares celebrated their victory with a dance in the ring, and led the happy fans in a Belgian Congo Conga Line dance around the ring as the show ended.