NXT President Comments On Ric Flair’s Daughter & The Developmental Process For Women

The Miami Herald recently profiled Ashley Flair – daughter of Ric Flair, known as Charlotte in WWE NXT.

NXT President Steve Keirn was asked when we will see Charlotte in the ring. He replied:

“That’s a good question. It’s hard to predict the future. Some people learn quick. Some people don’t learn as fast. She’s been doing tremendous. She’s a great athlete, but the transition from volleyball to wrestling is not very easy. It’s much more physical. There’s more punishment to the body. In volleyball, you’re hitting the ball back-n-forth. In wrestling, your body’s getting beat up. It’s a big difference, and it’s an eye opening experience for her. Her dad, all the punishment he took over all those years, she’s going to appreciate him a lot more.”

Keirn also talked about the developmental training process for women:

“It’s an usual sport for a diva to begin with. It’s so physical, but a lot of them come into it thinking they’re just going to be putting on make-up and walking out and looking pretty for the audience. When they realize, there’s some blood, sweat and tears in it, then they start to appreciate what this business is all about. People want to point a finger at it [wrestling], but we’ve got more injuries than anybody. You get girls in there with no helmets, no pads or anything like that. They’re risking getting injured, and they’re easier to injure than the guys. It’s a real experience for pretty much everybody who steps in that ring.”