Off-Air Raw Notes; Cole Sees Action, Crowd Response, More

Thanks to Jake Altersitz for sending in the following:

After the show, Miz and Alex Riley head down to the ring to taunt Randy Orton. Randy attacks them but is thrown outside the ring. Micheal Cole then comes into the ring saying he wants to hear what Miz has to say. Miz yaps about them (Miz, Riley & Cole) being a “coalition”. While hes yaking, Randy is stirring, and from behind, RKOs Riley. Miz runs away, Randy turns his attention to Cole.. Before he can RKO him, Miz tries one final attack… and gets an RKO for it. The “coalition” gets a beatdown from Randy Orton. And turns tail and runs. Randy celebrates in the ring and up the ramp. Show ends.

Biggest Pops:
Randy Orton
John Morrison
Daniel Bryan
Santino Marella
CM Punk

Biggest Heat:
The Miz
Micheal Cole
Ted DiBiase’s music
Wade Barrett
CM Punk.

Almost the entire top section was tarped off. Crowd was into the Nexus/CM Punk angles… and completely dead for the divas match and the Del Rio vs R-Truth match. The opening and closing bouts were by far the best.