Official Pay-Per-View Buy Rates For WWE Hell In A Cell, Survivor Series & TLC

WWE released the official pay-per-view buy rates for every show in the fourth quarter of 2012 on Thursday as part of the company’s earnings report.

The buy rates are as follows:

* Hell in a Cell – 199,000 buys (compared to 182,000 in 2011)
* Survivor Series – 208,000 buys (compared to 281,000 in 2011)
* WWE TLC – 175,000 buys (compared to 179,000 in 2011)

There was one comparability issue as WWE also held Vengeance in the fourth quarter of 2011 however, they did not in 2012. The show did 121,000 buys in which were reported on the fourth quarter of 2011.