Official WWE Raw Preview For Tonight – Vickie Guerrero’s Bombshell, CM Punk, Big Show

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Vickie Guerrero dropped a bombshell at the Hell in a Cell Pre-Show when she claimed to possess concrete evidence that John Cena and AJ Lee carried on an inappropriate relationship while the latter served as General Manager of Raw. Vickie did not produce said evidence, but she did invite AJ to Raw to witness its unveiling. The gusty AJ naturally accepted via Twitter. What will happen when Vickie brings her evidence to light?

Team Hell No retained their Tag Team Championships Sunday night. But it wasn’t the prettiest of wins, as the bickering titleholders had to settle for a moral victory after Kane (who’d caught an accidental knee to the head from Daniel Bryan) went on a rampage and got the duo disqualified against Team Rhodes Scholars. The quarrelsome champions had seemingly been inching toward a breakthrough in their teamwork skills; will the snafu at Hell in a Cell be a setback or will they be able to regroup by the time they’re called upon to defend the twin titles again?

CM Punk escaped Hell in a Cell with his bodily functions intact and the WWE Championship in his clutches, bringing his reign ever closer to that elusive one-year benchmark. Ryback, however, did not seem all too happy that referee Brad Maddox took matters into his own hands, keeping the human wrecking ball from feasting on The Second City Saint in the place where rivalries are supposed to be settled. Survivor Series offers a prime opportunity for Ryback to exact his revenge; can Punk elude the creature’s grasp until then?

Big Show did exactly what he promised at Hell in a Cell: He connected with his industrial-sized right hook and sent Sheamus to dreamland with the KO Punch (although it took two to beat the Celtic Warrior), relieving Sheamus of his coveted World Heavyweight Championship in the process. With the 45-second monkey off of Big Show’s back, how will the new giant World Champion’s reign of terror impact the WWE locker room? And after Big Show kicked out of the Brogue Kick, can Sheamus find a way to take the title back? And, on that note …

No doubt Dolph Ziggler was expecting either Sheamus or Big Show, or both, to be barely conscious after their ring-shaking war, opening the door for Mr. Money in the Bank to make good on his promise to cash in his contract on the victor. Suffice it to say, Ziggler’s expectation was wrong, and The Showoff was nowhere to be found while the 7-foot Big Show celebrated his KO defeat of The Celtic Warrior. Still, Ziggler remained confident, vowing to haunt the giant every waking minute until the opportune moment strikes. What, exactly, is The Showoff’s plan of attack? Tune in at 8/7 CT to find out!