Official WWE WrestleMania 33 Poster Revealed

Check out the official WWE WrestleMania 33 poster:

Post your thoughts on the poster in the comments below!

  • Aaron Prabhu

    Why is aj styles always so hard to see? Lol

  • Rahul Roy

    Why the bastard reigns is in front of Cena.

  • IanX

    I don’t think it’s real.

  • Raunaq

    Poor Becky!

  • Locode


  • SoCalPackerBacker

    Looks like a giant Snickers wrapper. And, I’m done with WWE hauling the old timers out to “headline” the card. Maybe some day they’ll figure out that all they do with that is suck the air out of the program, repeatedly telling the fan base that the big events aren’t big unless the old guard is on stage. Way to undercut the current roster!