Okada Not Released By TNA, Daniels On Why Wrestling Matters

— The official website of Impact Wrestling has added Okada to its roster section, thus indicating that he has not been released by the organization as rumored.

— Christopher Daniels is featured in Impact Wrestling’s latest “Why Wrestling Matters” video. The former TNA X Division Champion discusses what drives his passion and dedication for professional wrestling.

“People are only going to care about something if we care about it and we care about wrestling,” Daniels says. “Without Impact Wrestling, what’s going to happen to professional wrestling? It seems like everybody else wants to be; they’re ashamed of wrestling, they wanna forget that it’s wrestling. It’s almost like they’re making it a footnote or sidebar.

“I’m not a football fan, I’m not a baseball fan, I don’t follow basketball, but I followed professional wrestling since I was eight years old. These guys were my heroes. I feel like the glory days of two guys battling to see who was the better man, that’s what Impact Wrestling is bringing back to the forefront.

To see the video, click here..

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